Bend Kids Is Now Bend Care

Dr. JB’s direct care practice at Bend Kids has transitioned into Bend Care. She and her partner Dr. Charles Penick are available for new patient appointments today at Bend Care!

If you are interested in joining our direct care model, Dr. Charles Penick is currently enrolling new patients and provides services to the entire family, including adults and children!

Please reach out at 541-213-5034, or visit for more information!


Dr. JB created Bend Kids Personal Pediatrics to be a progressive health care option for modern families. A direct care practice offers 24-7 access to your doctor, flexible scheduling, same-day appointments, longer office visits, and so much more. But Dr. JB knew that it wasn't just the kids that needed this type of care, it was the entire family!

By removing the barriers to quality healthcare, Dr. JB was able to deliver exceptional, personal attention that translates into greater satisfaction and better healthcare outcomes and fewer visits to Urgent Care or the ER.

Dr. Jennifer (JB) Warton is more than a doctor. Voted Bend’s Best Pediatrician by Bend Nest magazine, Dr. JB is a trusted friend and advisor, your wingwoman when it comes to important medical decisions. In a time when everyone has an opinion about the best way to parent, Dr. JB stops to listen. She shares her expertise without judgement and works with parents as a true partner to find solutions that work for each individual family.

Let’s face it, no one really loves going to the doctor, especially kids. But by expanding Bend Kids into Bend Care, going to the doctor is now a friendly, stress-free time for parents and kids alike. Bend Care makes going to the doctor fun again.

“Dr. Warton is the best doctor!  She is nice, funny, and make us feel comfortable, even when we are sick.  We feel lucky to have her as our doctor!”

Ali and Catie Chackel

“We have had the most amazing experience with JB and her concierge pediatrician service. We will continue to use JB as our concierge doctor and know we are in great hands. We also value our new friendship with such a compassionate team!”

Tim Kerns

“When we moved to Bend from SoCal we were a bit concerned about finding doctors who would be comparable in professionalism and expertise as those we were fortunate to work with in San Diego.  Our concerns were instantly put to rest when we met Dr. Warton.  Not only did she display all the qualities we were looking for in a superior pediatrician, she went above and beyond personally to get to know each of us and connect us with other extraordinary providers in the community.  Even after two years, she continues to impress us, particularly by her flexibility to ALWAYS be available to us, even after hours.  We feel so fortunate to be included in Dr. Warton’s client family and would follow her anywhere!”

Deedee and Geoff Chackel