Being a member of Bend Kids Personal Pediatrics means you’ll have 24/7 access to Dr. JB via phone, email, or text. And you’ll be able to see Dr. JB – not some other doc – for unlimited sick visits and all well-child visits as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, including age-appropriate developmental screenings and personalized healthcare plan visits.

You’ll also get:

  • In-house labs such as Rapid Strep Test and Urinalysis
  • House calls when you can’t easily leave home, including newborn visits
  • After hours visits as deemed necessary by Dr. JB
  • Help navigating the ER/Urgent Care
  • And, access to limited medications

Dr. JB is an out-of-network provider who does not take insurance for physician related fees. However, your insurance will still be needed for vaccines, outside labs, imaging, extra procedures, specialist visits, and any ER/Urgent Care visits or hospitalizations that are unavoidable. We recommend having some type of insurance, however the direct care model of health care covers many services in the membership fee, often at a lower cost, and no co-pays are required.

While membership to Bend Kids Personal Pediatrics is not a substitute for insurance, direct care medicine will help limit health care costs by offering direct access to the doctor, low-cost meds, and avoiding unnecessary visits to the ER, Urgent Care, and hospitalizations as much as possible. There are occasions, for example in the case of a broken bone or a visit to an Orthopedic Surgeon for casting, when outside care will be needed, making insurance necessary. Bend Kids highly recommends that patients keep their insurance for just such events.

The Bend Kids Personal Pediatrics model is the perfect solution for families with no insurance or with high deductible plans because the membership fee covers most pediatrics services and needs, making insurance secondary. Though we urge families to maintain their health insurance, we also understand that there are families who, for many reasons, may chose to go without. Bend Kids Personal Pediatrics offers an invaluable service for those families, offering a higher quality of care and saving money.

Upon joining Bend Kids Personal Pediatrics, Dr. JB will meet with you to get your child’s complete health history on record. Dr. JB loves kids and includes children with all abilities – including those with special healthcare needs – into her practice. She has a special interest in pediatric asthma.

Vaccines are administered according to the AAP/ACIP and CDC guidelines, however, Dr. JB also offers delayed or alternative schedules. Whatever your preference is when it comes to vaccinations, Bend Kids Personal Pediatrics will make sure your children are safe, healthy and happy. Vaccines are available at an additional cost that should be covered by all insurances.

Thankfully, most kids are healthy. That doesn’t mean, however, that things don’t come up in life. Kids get sick or hurt when you’re least suspecting it or when it’s most inconvenient, like when you’re traveling, or in the middle of the night. Membership to Bend Kids Personal Pediatrics is inexpensive when compared to emergency visits and provides you with the assurance that when something does come up, your child will be taken care of expediently and in a personal manner from a doctor you trust.

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