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Just as every adult is different, so is every child. And with those differences come varying parenting styles and preferences surrounding health care.

What works for one family, may not be the right solution for another. Bend Kids Personal Pediatrics works one-on-one with each family, parent, and child to find the best approach to health care solutions. Dr. JB takes the time to truly get to know each patient-family intimately, creating a personalized care plan for every patient so parents and kids feel heard and truly cared for. That’s what being part of the Bend Kids family is all about.

“We have had the most amazing experience with JB and her concierge pediatrician service. We will continue to use JB as our concierge doctor and know we are in great hands. We also value our new friendship with such a compassionate team!”

Tim Kerns

“Dr. Warton is the best doctor!  She is nice, funny, and make us feel comfortable, even when we are sick.  We feel lucky to have her as our doctor!”

Ali and Catie Chackel

“When we moved to Bend from SoCal we were a bit concerned about finding doctors who would be comparable in professionalism and expertise as those we were fortunate to work with in San Diego.  Our concerns were instantly put to rest when we met Dr. Warton.  Not only did she display all the qualities we were looking for in a superior pediatrician, she went above and beyond personally to get to know each of us and connect us with other extraordinary providers in the community.  Even after two years, she continues to impress us, particularly by her flexibility to ALWAYS be available to us, even after hours.  We feel so fortunate to be included in Dr. Warton’s client family and would follow her anywhere!”

Deedee and Geoff Chackel