Bend Kids Pediatrics is officially open!

I can’t even believe it.  So much time, thought, risk, effort, and tears have gone into making this dream a reality.  I am sitting in my office right now and feel disbelief that it all came together and is actually happening.

Sunday night I barely slept I was so excited.  It was perfect because I was at the very end of reading The Alchemist and actually finished it that night while lying awake.  What a perfect book to finish before a new beginning.

This morning I was reading the author, Paulo Coelho’s, blog about the meaning of his book The Alchemist. I enjoyed the book immensely and so much of the themes resonated with me during this time of great change.  Anyway, he blogs about 10 powerful life lessons from his book.  If you haven’t read the book, you absolutely must.  Especially if you are experiencing any big changes in your life.  The 10 life lessons are as follows:

  1. Fear is a bigger obstacle than the obstacle itself
  2. What is “true” will always endure
  3. Break the monotony
  4. Embrace the present
  5. Your success has a ripple effect
  6. Make the decision
  7. Be unrealistic ☺
  8. Keep getting back up
  9. Focus on your own journey
  10. Always take action

Seriously?  What a fantastic book and so timely for me right now.  I love number 7, be unrealistic!  I feel like the decision to quit my job and start my own practice was a little unrealistic and it is actually happening.  I also love keep getting back up. No matter what happens, keep getting back up.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy the book as much as me.

The full article explaining these points in more detail can be found on


Dr. JB

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