Bend Kids Personal Pediatrics vs. Traditional Pediatrics Model

Bend Kids Personal Pediatrics represents a new model of providing healthcare.  Concierge medicine, also called Direct Primary Care or subscription-based healthcare, is growing in popularity for patients and doctors alike as the traditional practice model leaves patients and doctors feeling unsatisfied.  With reimbursements getting cut, doctors in traditional practices are forced to see more and more patients.  For many practices this means 7 minute appointments!  From a consumer stand-point this leaves patients frustrated–and often with unanswered questions and concerns.  For most doctors, the traditional model is a far cry from how they expected it be when they decided to go into a career in medicine.

Concierge medicine allows a physician to care for a much smaller panel of patients, and eliminate the red-tape from third-party payors and government regulations.  This frees them up to provide better quality care and have a better quality of life.

The first concierge pediatric practice in the nation was opened 15 years ago in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania by Dr. Scott Serbin.  Dr. Serbin and his practice Pinnacle Pediatrics, has been enormously helpful as we have gone through the process of opening Bend Kids Personal Pediatrics.  One of the things I found so helpful in our conversations with Dr. Serbin was how he contrasted the traditional model with a concierge model.

Take a look, and see if you can relate to the frustrations we all experience with the traditional model.

There’s a new option in Bend, and we invite you to join the Bend Kids family!

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