Save Money with Bend Kids Personal Pediatrics

The cost of healthcare today is crazy!

Everyone knows that the cost of insurance and for medical care is out of control.  Every year it goes up, accelerating as health insurers crumble and competitors consolidate.  All while access to care is limited and the quality of care is reduced.  Our family was paying more in insurance premiums than we were paying for our mortgage–and our story is not unique.  Many families are struggling to pay for health care.  Its no wonder that many families are looking for ways to ‘hack’ the system.

Concierge Medicine is one of those hacks.  Being a member of a direct pay concierge practice can save families money.  By focusing on wellness; by illuminating deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance; and by avoiding costly trips to the urgent care or emergency room.  Bend Kids Personal Pediatrics can do this for your family too.

Our friends with a similar practice in Houston put together this short explanation on YouTube.  As we enter open enrollment, consider switching to a high-deductible plan and joining Bend Kids Personal Pediatrics.  Provide your family with better access to quality care, and be apart of the growing movement to ‘hack’ the healthcare system.


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